I’ve tried Piño’s paella many times and can honestly say that it’s nothing but the best!

– Alejandro Rodriguez

Forget liking it, I LOVE Pino’s paella! Consider yourself fortunate to taste his culinary artistry.

– Mark Weymouth

The Paella King was one of the best parts of our engagement party. Incredibly nice, brought all of his own equipment and made some dang good paella! Remember to double the amount of people when reserving the King, because EVERYONE will want seconds!

– Patrick August White

Socarrat King! Pino, has the most amazing Paella parties….Outstanding food, drink, conversation, music and dancing while watching the artistry of the Paella King create the most wonderful and delicious paella over a wood fire in his ancient well worn 25′ pan. and if your lucky enough….you may get a taste of the best part…. The Soccrat!

– Tim Abell